Research Support Services Ltd. (RSS Group) is an independent employee-owned research consulting and institutional strengthening firm established to conduct health, policy, social, environmental and development research through innovation, partnership and capacity building, with the aim of promoting evidence based decision making processes and organizational development.
RSS Group also provides technological backstopping and technical support in research, training and capacity building as well as information technology related solutions to promote social and economic development to help better the lives of people in developing and transitional nations.

We work in all phases of the technical assistance project cycle, including needs assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation. Our work is value-based, and ambitious, but also realistic, rigorous and evidence based, making use of a wide range of research methods and technologies.

Our major strength lies in combining our collective local and regional knowledge and experience with the technical expertise of members of our group. We have highly qualified and experienced technical specialists with proven track records in the disciplines of Public Health and Public Policy, Environmental and Social Sciences, Statistics and Information Technology, Research and Development, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Project Management and Capacity Building. This unique balance of skills, experience and proven track record makes RSS Group one of the foremost research and management consulting firms in Eastern Africa.

RSS Group’s head office is based in Nairobi, Kenya, and serves as the central coordinating and clearing house for the rapid development of research, evaluation and training solutions that serve both the local and international communities.
In addition, RSS Group serves clients from more than 15 satellite offices across Africa, North America and Asia Pacific including in countries like Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Canada, Switzerland, India, among others.

Since its inception, RSS Group has created a unique culture with pride in ownership and a commitment to providing quality services that have earned the trust and respect from clients in Kenya and around the region. RSS Group has since grown steadily in size and professional capabilities. Furthermore, RSS Group has a universal policy to make the following commitments to its clients:

  • RSS Group will ensure and monitor quality of all deliverables
  • RSS Group will strive for continual support and improvement
  • RSS Group staffs are required to commit to our code of professional conduct.
  • RSS Group staff members are registered professionals with the necessary certifications
  • RSS Group will always commit to research use of efficient up to date technologies