RSS adopts gender-mainstreaming principles in all its assignments, which include prioritizing gender equality, incorporating gender into decision-making,post-conflict peace-building (PCPB), shifts in institutional culture, gender-sensitive budgeting and gender-sensitive mapping. In addition, RSS offers services that assess levels of gender mainstreaming and its impact across governments, institutions, projects and programmes. To this end, we assess progress against the following indicators:

  • Established adequate accountability mechanisms for monitoring progress;
  • Identification of issues and problems across all areas of activity such that gender differences and disparities can be diagnosed;
  • Assumptions that issues or problems are neutral from a gender-equality perspective;
  • Regular implementation of gender analysis;
  • Political will and allocation of adequate resources for mainstreaming, including additional financial and human resources;
  • Efforts made to broaden women’s equitable participation at all levels of decision-making; and
  • Targeted women-specific policies and programmes, positive legislation gender units or focal points.

We provide the following Gender Mainstreaming Services:

  • Gender Mapping & Analysis
  • Women Economic Empowerment
  • Financial & Opportunity Inclusion