We’ll work with you at every step of your data journey, from designing your surveys, to recruiting and training data collectors, and monitoring data quality in real-time. Our robust and user-friendly data platform will allow you to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Our service offering includes:

  • Protocol & SOP Development
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Field Team Recruitment & Training
  • Sampling Design & Strategies
  • Community Entry & Social Mobilization
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection
  • Field Survey Management
  • Data Transcription & Translation
  • Desk Analysis & Triangulation
  • Our team combines a deep knowledge of sampling methods, survey and
    question design, survey administration, and analysis of complex datasets, grounded in theories of research methods, sampling techniques and statistical analysis. We continuously develop and enhance tools and technologies to provide standard or custom data collection solutions to meet our clients’ objectives. We combine multiple innovative electronic technologies – mobile and online – to provide timely, accurate, reliable and cost-effective data collection and management services. For quantitative surveys, we mainly use CAPI (Face to Face interviews using handheld mobile devices).

    We are compliant with established industry guidelines, including strict levels of data quality (ISO/TS 8000), data security (ISO 27000 and General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679), Standard Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures and Project Management Protocols (PMP). We similarly adhere to established research ethics standards including confidentiality, anonymity and respect for survey populations. We employ MAPI translation protocols, adhering to the highest standards of interviews across different languages. We pay specific attention to the cultural and religious factors inherent in any given survey.

    RSS uses its developed data collection and management system (Rapid Android Mobile Phone Survey – RSS-RAMP), a cutting-edge software solution designed to digitize and speed the process of data collection and analysis. Interviewers can collect data using mobile phones from the field and upload to a central repository for real time analysis in the office. It enables fast and accurate decision-making through fieldwork efficiency and transparency. It also provides secure web service interfaces to other systems and applications. It allows our clients to view and provide input on data parameters in real-time. We deploy the use of RSS-RAMP to improve the overall quality of outputs as it offers fully customizable survey options, including the ability to incorporate GPS coordinates, photographic evidence, audio and video capture, advanced filtering and masking capabilities thereby reducing interview and fieldwork times.