RSS Group experts and their associates have extensive experience in a wide range of Social, Health and Policy related research, as well as Capacity Building, Monitoring & Evaluation and Project Reviews. To this end, we have provided research consultancy and training in areas such as; HIV and AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care, Reproductive Health and Family planning, Costing of Health Interventions, Behavior Change Surveys and Interventions, Private Sector Development, Gender Development, Opinion Polls, Satisfaction Surveys, Work Environment Surveys, Programme Assessments and Evaluation, Organizational Capacity Development and Team Building, Project Planning, Design and Management as well as Support for Research Activities.

“We are determined to be the benchmark of quality within our industry by being the most innovative, diversified research and training group globally. To achieve this position we have become a customer-orientated enterprise, committed to technical excellence with significant resources devoted to building an array of new products and services”