We always apply rigorous research and maintain a single-minded focus on providing the highest quality expertise on behalf of our clients. RSS Group has since provided technical support, content quality and research control, while undertaking primary research, quality data collection, data capturing and analysis through the use of the most recent technologies including real-time digital mobile data collection. RSS Group is capable of preparing all research reports in different formats as well as reviewing and editing of all research products to ensure quality and accuracy.

We have acquired vast experience in the areas of coordination and management. Through providing training, support and direction to programmes, maintaining relationships with associates and other partners in Africa and globally, and overseeing completion of the programmatic research projects according to the agreed upon timeframes, RSS Group has proved to be an excellent project coordination and management leader. We have always committed to key concepts in management including collaborative planning, tight coordination, facilitation, public participation and ongoing training.

RSS Group is a leader in planning, developing and facilitating various training projects. The group’s aim is to contribute to capacity building for government officials, NGOs and other civil society groups, targeted public audiences, researchers as well as students. Specifically, RSS Group experts have planned and conducted trainings for organizations as they arise and as requested; conducted seminars; made presentations at conferences, coordinated and facilitated training workshops on various scientific and research issues and also established networks with local, national and international development partners involved.

In addition, RSS Group has a wide global network of countries where its experts have worked and provided technical assistance as well. Among these countries, RSS Group members are proud to have undertaken assignments in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana, South Sudan and Somali.